Boy brings joy to TSA agents impacted by shutdown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A lot of people are concerned about government employees going without pay, but one Memphis boy wanted to do something to help them.

Melvin Dodson III, 10, asked his dad to take some of the money that was set aside for a summer trip to Washington, DC to buy toiletries and candy bars for TSA agents in Memphis.

Dodson III and his father Melvin Dodson, Jr., delivered more that $100 worth of items to the TSA workers early Thursday morning.

“I just wanted to help them as much as I could and as many people as I can, because I know this is a very big crisis for them. And they are still staying strong , and I thank them for that – staying here and working while not being paid,” said Dodson III.

The Germanshire Elementary  School student got to thank some of those TSA agents in person and deliver all the goodies to their break room.

WREG wasn’t allowed inside the break room. However, it was clear from their reaction afterwards he made and impact.

“It just warmed my heart because it was just like I changed the mood, and they way I prayed for them.  They just saw I took initiative, and I really think that I did a good job today.  I put a smile on their faces which is what my goal was,”  said Dodson III.

His father was more than just a little proud of his son. He said is wise beyond his years.

“If there were more kids like him, I would have fifty of them,” said Melvin Dodson, Jr.

More than 200 TSA workers at the Memphis International airport  have been impacted by the federal government shutdown.

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