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(Memphis) The only talking Andrea Walker is apparently doing is with her attorney, Leslie Ballin, who until Monday had been pushing for the charges against his client to be dropped, despite the fact Walker’s 7-week-old baby is missing without a trace.

In court Monday, Ballin backed off dropping charges in exchange for a lower bond.

“It’s the give and take of lawyering. The state agreed with our request for a bond reduction to $250,000, so in negotiations with Ms. Nichols, that’s how we proceeded today,” said Ballin.

Ballin was able to negotiate with Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols to have charges dropped in relation to Walker’s 3-year-old.

Walker says she left 7-week-old Anniston with the toddler while she took another child to school January 9th, and when she came back, the baby was gone.

A police search for the baby led nowhere, and they don’t believe Walker is telling them everything.

With Walker’s bond cut in half, from $500,000 down to $250,000, if she can make it, she can walk out of jail.

“The reason we agreed to the bond reduction is because two of the charges will not be presented, those charges relative to the 3-year-old child,” said Prosecutor Jennifer Nichols.

Walker’s case now goes to the Grand Jury, with a big question still looming: What does this mom really know?

“As you saw her in custody, as she was sitting on the bench waiting for her case to be called, her head was down, she was faced toward the wall, she is appropriately depressed,” said Ballin.

Andrea Walker has to come up with $25,000 of her $250,000 bond to get out of jail, as her case makes it through the courts.

Her attorney says he doubts she will be able to pay it.

In fact, he says he is planning to meet with her Wednesday night, in jail, where he assumes she will stay for now.

Ballin said his client has no criminal history, has a full-time job with the IRS and is not a flight-risk.

Memphis police say there have been no new developments in the case.