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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — From farm to table: Bolton High students are maintaining their own garden and harvesting fruits and vegetables to feed the needy.

More and more students are volunteering to maintain their school’s garden.

“A lot of people care and they want to do it.”

The fruits and vegetables they harvest go right into the school’s food pantry that helps needy families not only at the school, but throughout the entire community.

“A lot of people don’t have access to fresh and local grocery stores in the area.”

Julency Myrtil helped launch the garden. It takes special meaning for her.

“A few years ago my father was diagnosed with diabetes.”

She quickly learned the importance of a healthy diet and wanted to spread that knowledge to even more people. She applied for grant money to expand, get more supplies and open a greenhouse.

It’s grown much larger since then, and more students, like Kiara Finch, are pitching in.

“Healthy eating is very important for young people in general and everybody,” Kiara said.

“It teaches kids about knowing how to take care of things and how to raise things. A lot of self pride in what’s important to them,” Principal Bo Griffin said.

Staff couldn’t be more proud seeing their student’s dreams come to life.

The students will sell some of the produce to students and staff members as well to help generate money to keep the garden up and running.