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(WREG-TV) A friend of Holly Bobo who found some disturbing posts on the Facebook page of Bobo’s accused killer is sharing her shocking discovery.

One of Zachary Adams’ messages was posted the same day Holly was abducted, strengthening the belief of some that the right man has been caught.

Adams sits in a Chester County jail cell ahead of a court hearing in Decatur County next week.

The woman who sent WREG screenshots of Adams’ Facebook page, Ashley Mays, goes to church with the Bobo family and has known Holly all her life.

Two of his posts caught her attention, and she said one in particular, shocked and disgusted her.

Mays said she never met a soul who did not love Holly.

“She was so quiet, so sweet. She always had a smile on her face,” Mays said in a phone interview.

That made the discovery of posts on Adams’ Facebook wall all the more disturbing.

“My mouth just dropped open,” Mays said. “I just really didn’t know what to think.”

On the very same day Holly Bobo was seen being led into the woods by a man in cammo , Adams posted a status that many now see as cryptic.

It read, “You know you never was, you stupid wh***.” Mays said of the status, “It just really shocked me, because I figured that this would’ve already been out.”

The status was posted right after Holly was last seen at 7:30 a.m. on April 13, 2011. “I think it was about 7:39 that morning,” Mays said of when the post went up.

Another post from December shows Adams dressed in cammo with the caption, “Who am I looking for?” This also unnerved Mays. “I thought it was really suspicious, because it was posted right after the reward went up,” she said, talking about reward money that was offered for information about Holly’s disappearance.

Mays said finding the posts made her stomach turn.

Now, she is just praying for more breaks in the investigation, so Holly’s family can finally have closure. “This family is in a lot of pain. They need answers. They don’t deserve to go through this,” Mays said while choking back tears. “If you have information, step forward.”

Mays said Holly knew who Zach was, but she does not know of any other connection between the two.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the TBI.