Bitter cold continues to grip the nation

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NEW YORK — Bitter cold temperatures continue to grip the majority of the nation, bringing with it all sorts of hazards and headaches.

Three people were rescued from a car stuck in icy waters in Boyds, Maryland on Monday.

In a Dallas suburb, driving on ice is clearly not something residents here typically have to do.

Much of the country is entering a second week of record cold, with freeze warnings as far south as Florida. Citrus groves are gathering ice.

Even in places accustomed to cold, these extremes are out of the norm.

“All of the cars are stopped and someone is swerving across my lane or traffic, and I hit the breaks and hook right into the back of a semi,” said motorist Cory Zeiner of Rochester, New York.

In upstate New York, a 75 car pileup left at least one person dead.

And first responders like those with the Jefferson-Monroe Fire Department are having trouble keeping people safe.

“We’re fighting equipment freezing up because as soon as it gets wet you know we freeze up like a popsicle,” said Chief Glen Heims.

But for all of the danger and headaches this massive cold snap is causing — there are those who are finding the fun and beauty in it.

Teens in Louisville, Kentucky —- a city best known for the baseball bats it produces — are playing pond hockey.

“Growing up in Louisville, I’ve never done this personally before. Came out 8 a.m. this morning, -1 degrees. It’s just incredible to be out here.”

Ironically, one of the few places that’s relatively balmy is Anchorage, Alaska, where skaters were in t-shirts. Temperatures Tuesday were in the 40s, about twice as warm as normal.

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