Binghampton residents take action after rise in attempted break-ins

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A string of attempted break-ins has residents in Binghampton frustrated, but they’ve decided to remain diligent.

Surveillance footage shows three strangers walk up to a house on Yale Avenue on Saturday and try to open the door before taking items off of the front porch and fleeing.

Neighbors say this type of crime happens to often.

“It’s really frustrating,” neighbor Chris Steinmetz said.

Steinmetz isn’t the only person who feels this way.

“It is frustrating, definitely. Nobody wants to feel like their property has been violated. Or if people have children, they want to feel like they’re safe in their community,” neighbor Sam Jones said.

Memphis Police showed up to the scene shortly after the 911 call was made. Although no arrests have been made, residents say they’re assured knowing that police are doing all that they can.

“I saw them on the premises as well. They were checking the door, making sure that things were locked and looking around the whole perimeter. So that felt good,” Steinmetz said.

While a potential break-in can be scary to think about, residents are determined to do what they can to take care of each other.

“Just knowing our neighbors has, I think, made us more safe. That might be an illusion, but I think it is helpful,” Jones said.

Numerous residents we talked to said the Ring security system and the Next Door app have helped.

Written by: Peter Fleischer 

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