Billy Ray Turner’s attorney concerned about Sherra Wright’s plea

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With Sherra Wright’s case wrapped up, attention now turns to her alleged accomplice, Billy Ray Turner. The death penalty was off the table for both Wright and Turner, but he could still get as much as life in prison.

His attorney John Perry maintains his client’s innocence, but worries that Sherra might testify against him.

“I still got a concern. Why? Because that person has the ability to take the stand, and be it a lie or be it the truth, has the ability to point towards my client and say they did x, y, z,” he said.

Perry says he can refute any testimony that connects Turner to Lorenzen’s death. He adds that his client had nothing to do with planning or executing the murder.

But prosecutors tell a different story. They say Turner, Sherra and her cousin Jimmy Martin all conspired to kill the Memphis basketball star.

Perry says he’ll be ready to cross examine Martin should he decide to testify against his client. Martin, as we’ve reported, isn’t indicted in this case, but he’s currently in prison for killing his girlfriend.

Turner pleaded guilty to a gun charge unrelated to this case last month. He faces eight to 30 years in prison for that.

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