Bill Murray serenades lonely grandma on her 94th birthday

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TEXAS — Maryellen Wible had been feeling lonely.

It was around this time last year that her husband of 73 years passed away. Aside from attending church services on Sundays, Wible doesn’t leave the house much. She doesn’t want to bother anybody, her grandson, Noah, told CBS News.

But on Wible’s 94th birthday, she finally decided to get out and celebrate.

On Saturday, Noah picked his grandma up and drove her to the Baylor vs. Xavier men’s basketball game in Waco, Texas. The pair was surprised with courtside seats from Noah’s dad, who has worked as chaplain for the team for more than a decade.

“I’m just really excited to get out and go to the game and live my life,” Noah recalls his grandma telling him on the ride over.

When they arrived, Wible was in awe. On the intercom, Noah heard that actor and comedian Bill Murray was in the house. Murray was there to support his son, Luke, an assistant coach for Xavier.

Noah wasn’t planning on approaching Murray, though many other fans were.

“I don’t like bothering [celebrities],” he said. “I always try my best not to annoy them during a game. They’re just trying to live their lives.”

But when Noah spotted Murray standing near the locker rooms outside of the tunnel, he took a chance.

“Mr. Murray,” Noah shouted.

Murray turned around and shook Noah’s hand.

“Hey, it’s my grandma’s birthday. Can we get a quick picture?” Noah asked.

“Don’t you think we should sing her ‘Happy Birthday’?” Murray responded with a smile.

Then the star began to serenade the blushing grandma, encouraging dozens of people standing nearby to join in.

“It was just incredible. I wasn’t expecting it,” Noah said. “I was caught off guard — is this happening right now?”

Afterward, Murray wished Wible a happy birthday and she joked about how much older she was than him.

“I was shocked to see that he was just like he is in the movies. You usually see two different people, but he truly, genuinely is a kind-hearted guy. He treats everybody the same. He’s not better than you just cause he’s famous. He’s just Bill Murray.”


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