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(West Memphis, AR) A Memphis man is killed while riding his bike on Interstate 55 Sunday morning coming from work in West Memphis.

His family says he was just trying to make ends meet.

“Pierre was just the average hard-working guy trying to make a way, “said the victim’s brother, Terrance Blanche.

The family of 47-year-old Pierre McReynolds said he rode his bicycle to and from Memphis to West Memphis when he couldn’t catch a ride, and on Saturdays and Sundays when there was no MATA bus service.

“He was a manager over there at McDonalds, an excellent cook, been cooking for maybe about 15 years now. He was just trying to get to work man,” said Terrance Blanche, McReynold’s brother.

A chef most of his life, McReynolds had gotten a job as an assistant manager in West Memphis.

The Arkansas State Police says shortly before six o’clock Sunday morning, a Mack truck traveling south on the interstate hit and killed McReynolds as he was on his way back to Memphis from work.

His brother says McReynolds was in the emergency lane, but likely got too close to the edge, “He’s been really working hard and it’s just really tragic. I really hate to see that happen at a time like this.”

There are plans to build a crossing over the Harahan Bridge from Memphis to West Memphis, often referred to as the old bridge, by 2014.

It would eventually tie into a larger trail system connecting cities along the Mississippi river levees.