Berclair residents worried about safety after string of robberies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some people in the Berclair area are on edge after several people were robbed at gunpoint over the past several weeks.

They asked for our help tracking down the suspects, but said the robbery spree comes as no surprise. In fact, people in the area say it's become a way of life.

But they say the suspects are going too far by following innocent people to their homes and taking off.

"People stopping you in the street, while you're standing at your car, robbing you. There's a lot of that going on," said one neighbor.

No one wanted to identify themselves, saying they are too afraid.

The people being targeted, a neighbor said, were the ones who take care of everybody, "and they seem to be the ones that have been robbed in their driveway or people have broken into their homes."

A woman we spoke with by phone said she's lived on Victor Street for 30 years.

Just last week, while getting out of her car, she came face to face with a pistol.

"She was pulling into her driveway and a car was following her, and when they blocked her in, they robbed her at gunpoint," one of her neighbors said.

"For her to get hurt or robbed, or something happen to her is really serious," another neighbor said.

One woman held back tears, thinking of the innocent people, worried about what might happen next — especially after someone else was robbed down the street.

It's a scenario all too familiar to one father in the area, who was robbed at gunpoint while mowing the lawn.

People who live here don't know how to stop the violence, but they hope spreading the word keeps the criminals out of their sight.

Residents notify police about these crimes every chance they get and they're hoping police will put more patrols in the area — perhaps stopping whoever is doing this.


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