Berclair home burglarized twice in less than a month

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Berclair woman is not sure what to do after her home becomes the scene of two separate burglaries in less than a month.

Sunia Zamora says she does not feel safe in her Bayliss Avenue home, even with her doors locked.

“She does not feel good about it because she can’t even go to work comfortable,” her son translated for her over the phone. “She can’t even go buy food comfortable, nothing… knowing that (the) house is being robbed.”

Zamora says the first burglary happened three weeks ago when no one was home. The thief broke in through a window near the kitchen, ransacked her bedroom dresser and got away with about $5,000 in jewelry.

“All that jewelry, my (mother) had sent it and we had it for a really, really long time. So, that jewelry was really important to us,” Zamora says.

Over the weekend, someone else broke into Zamora’s home.

“The second time they broke in through the door where the kitchen is,” she says.

She says they took a TV and then cut the bottom of a make-shift piggy bank so they could steal about $100 inside.

“(I) think the person that broke in the first time is the same person that broke in the second time,” Zamora says.

She says her home was burglarized several years ago but she never thought it would happen again.

Police are investigating both crimes but have not said anything about potential suspects. Zamora says she is considering moving to a new home.

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