Thousands still without electricity as temperatures climb

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On the first day of summer Friday, with temperatures in the 90s, crews are working to restore power across Shelby County after Wednesday’s storms.

Ruth Bland lives in Berclair and, like thousands of others, her home had no power.

“That’s a neighborhood that needs help and it’s always the last one that seems to get help,” she said.

When she went searching for answers normally found on the MLGW outage map, there weren’t any.

“There was no ETA, no anything,” she said. “They were very responsive to our questions but they had no clue about when they would be in our area.”

She had to adjust, though. She boarded her dogs so they wouldn’t have to live in a home with no electricity.

Elizabeth Wilson, owner of Suds Laundry in Berclair, said she just had her power restored about an hour before we were there.

“Someone actually contacted me about 5:15 yesterday morning saying someone left clothes in front of the door, and so I didn’t know what the situation was,” she said. “As we stopped by we saw clothes and realized we had no equipment running.”

For her, power is everything. It’s what keeps these machines running and customers coming.

But instead of dwelling what on what she didn’t have — she started working from home.

“We have a regular customer who comes on Thursdays to get his laundry done. So in his case, I just took it,” she said. “We live a couple of blocks away, so I just took it home and did his laundry there and then, just crossed fingers and hoped that MLGW got the power on as soon as possible.”

MLGW said Friday that the utility expects 95% of its customers would have power by midnight.


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