Bellevue Middle coach under investigation for misconduct involving students

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Shelby County School officials have placed a middle school basketball coach on administrative leave at a midtown school.

District officials say Memphis Police are investigating Bellevue Middle School’s boys basketball coach for allegations of misconduct involving students. They say the coach is on administrative leave, though authorities have not filed any charges.

“I was concerned. I knew the school would check on it,” a parent said.

District officials say Principal Kevin Malone did address the issue last week.

The principal released a voicemail to parents saying, “Unfortunately, our boys basketball coach has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. I’m not able to share any details of the allegations but I can assure you all necessary authorities have been notified.”

News Channel 3 reported it on Friday.

The next day the principal called parents with more information saying, “Our school might’ve been mentioned in the local news. Our boys basketball coach, who is a teacher at an elementary school, has been accused of misconduct involving students.”

In the voicemail, the principal clarifies that the investigation involves multiple students. And the coach also teaches at another school, putting him in contact with even younger children.

One parent expressed satisfaction with his child’s school.

“Great principal. I was confident they would handle it,” he said.

But other dads, like Marcus Cole, say they’re worried.

Cole’s daughter often performs at boys basketball games. He plan to talk to her on Monday.

“Anything go on that didn’t supposed to go on. I’m going to make sure she’s straight. I have to make sure the whole school is straight,” he said.

Shelby County School officials say the matter is still under investigation. They have not released the coach’s name.

They also say the boys basketball team will play their regularly scheduled game Tuesday afternoon.

The athletics director is the acting coach.

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