Be wary of Cyber Monday scammers

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NEW YORK — Winding lines for the register, shopping bags at every turn. Black Friday came and went with lots of happy customers. Now shoppers are turning their wallets to Cyber Monday.

“Sometimes Cyber Monday I’m a little worried your information will get to the wrong person,” said shopper Laurie Hurley.

Dave Baggett, founder of anti-phishing company Inky, says today’s cyber scams are harder to detect than ever before.

Mail from an attacker can look exactly like mail from the real brand because its easy for the attacker to just replicate the exact mail, save it and resend it.  Since it’s nearly impossible to spot a phony email experts advise to never open links or attachments from any company.

“Consumers are better off going straight to the site. Just type the name of the site into the browser,” said Baggett.

Hackers even pose as shipping companies with fake delivery updates

Scammers are also trying to get your credit card number and your account logins for every website you sign into.

“If you log in here and do a survey we’ll give you a gift certificate. Pretty much those are scams.”

So be wary of any sender because hacker technology keeps getting better.

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