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There is a battle going on between the City of Memphis and the Sons of Confederate Veterans over a marker removed from a Memphis park.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans placed a one ton marker in Forrest Park, which is named after Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and where he is buried.

Numerous people have tried to get the park renamed and even to remove a memorial to Forrest due to his involvement with the Ku Klux Klan which he helped found but later ordered to be disbanded when his views on race changed.

The group thought someone had stolen the marker until it found out the City of Memphis actually removed it.

CEO George Little told us the marker was placed without approval and therefore was improper and was removed.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans say they did receive permission for the sign and showed us a letter from the former the Memphis Parks Director authorizing the signage  though it appears to suggest there are more steps that needed to be taken before the marker was replaced.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans want the marker put back. Little says the group can have the sign back but they’ll need to pick it up and get further approval before it can be placed back in the park.