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BATESVILLE, Miss. — Students at Batesville Junior High are off for summer break, but the school’s halls are far from quiet.

Teachers ended their year by creating a dance that has gone viral on social media.

And in what looks like a scene right out of “The Music Man,” Principal Charles Stevenson is leading the way.

“It’s actually our first time doing that video. We just wanted to do something fun to show that the teachers can have fun and that we really push student achievement. So we like to have fun throughout the entire school year. Our teachers work very hard,” Stevenson said.

“It’s a juke box challenge that got started. Someone challenged our school to do it,” he continued. “So one of the teachers presented it to me and I told her, ‘OK, we will participate in it.’ So it’s really just a dance that they are doing.

“I actually was not involved in the planning. They said, ‘You’ll just carry the boom box and you’ll just run with it.’ So it was an idea that that they had and we were just doing it really as a joke. We did not realize it would go viral.

“My thing is that the way you start the school year is the same way you want to end it. We end it with a great school year the same way we started it…with a great school year.”