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(Memphis) Bass Pro must have heard the talk around town.

The company has come out with new and improved signs for the pyramid.

Some people don’t want any signs at all, but others are happy to know the company is trying to meet them half-way.

Bass Pro`s new proposed signs are still going to be the size of basketball courts, but their new look has a lot of people pleased.

“The signs were going to be gaudy and too large,” said Jeff Stark, a West Memphis resident.

It was a sentiment that echoed around Memphis and apparently Bass Pro listened. The signs the business wanted to go up on the Pyramid have been changed.

“It’s a little more subdued compared to what they were going to do before,” said Stark.

“That’s appealing,” said Gary Wood, a Mud Island Resident.  “It’s not as bright and bold as what the other ones were.”

“I think it goes well with the building,” said Eric Hughes of Southaven.

“Well, that is obviously a lot more muted than the yellow and green sign that they had before,” said Craig Cardwell, the president of the Harbor Town Association.

The company has also listened to people like Cardwell, who asked Bass Pro to leave a sign off the north side of the pyramid, as a courtesy to those who live in on Mud Island. The company plans to do grant their request.

“The north side already knows where the Pyramid is and knows Bass Pro is going to be there,” said Cardwell.

The new sign plan come as the company announces even bigger plans for the Pyramid, like creating an observation deck on top and possibly a glass inclinator to get people there.

To create its grander vision, Bass Pro has delayed its opening until Fall 2014, but doesn’t seem to be wasting any time listening to what Memphis wants.

“What do you think about the fact that the business is trying to work with the community?” asked Sabrina Hall.

“I’m pleased. I have to smile. I am a little bit surprised,” said Jake Schorr, the owner of Westy’s Restaurant in the Pinch District.

The president of the Harbor Town Association says while he is pleased by what he sees, he is still waiting to see what Bass Pro actually presents to the Downtown Memphis Commission. DMC hasn’t given Bass Pro a timeline, but believes it might submit plans before the July board meeting.