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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monster companies, like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, are changing their protocol for selling guns after the mass school shootings we’ve seen in our country.

But what about the major gun vendor right in our backyard, Bass Pro Shops?

The Bass Pro Pyramid is not only a tourist destination in Memphis but also a spot where many buy their firearms, including assault-style rifles.

“They were a very popular item,” said Keith Thole, a former Bass Pro employee. “I would say people come in there all the time and they’d go directly towards the assault rifles.”

Thole said he’d see a lot of young people flock to the AR-15s, which is why he supports Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart’s recent decisions to change their gun rules.

Dick’s is no longer selling assault-style rifles and Walmart isn’t selling guns to anyone under the age of 21.

“I believe morally, it’s an excellent decision to up the age to 21, but unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s going to help solve the problem or not,” said Thole.

On Thursday, some Bass Pro customers we spoke with agreed changes need to be made.

“The second amendment was meant for single shotguns, not AR-15s, so it’s time,” said Bass Pro shopper Mike Dougan.

“I think it’s great people are saying now they’re not going to advertise or do anything with the NRA,” said Bass Pro shopper Marty Cook.

Others said they think longer waiting periods for buying guns and stricter licensing requirements would make a difference.

But not all shoppers agreed.

“Enforce the laws you already have,” said shopper Andy. “Crack down on the dealers.”

Some customers said the recent shootings are caused by a deeper issue.

“If you want to actually look at it, it’s not the gun killing the people. It’s the person because if that’s the case, outlaw your cell phones. Texting and driving – how many does that kill a year?” said customer Alan.

Alan said he wants the focus to be on the people pulling the trigger and why.

We reached out to Bass Pro Shops and Academy to see if they’re thinking of doing any changes with their gun procedures, but we have not yet heard back as of Thursday evening.