Bartlett residents concerned after string of vehicles break-ins

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — A string of recent vehicle break-ins in one Bartlett neighborhood has residents looking for answers.

The area off Elmore Park Road takes pride in being a trustworthy community, but it appears that potential criminals might be taking advantage of that by targeting unlocked cars with valuables inside.

Residents claim there have been several nights with numerous break-ins, with one claiming 11 in a night, though police have not confirmed a number. That has them on high alert and ready to stand up to any potential criminals.

“Oh it’s very frustrating, cause I’m constantly one to look out to see what’s going on. The night that my truck got broken into our neighbors, two houses down, got broken into as well,” resident Robert Wolverton said.

Bartlett Police said they are “currently investigating all aspects” of the break-in issue, and residents say the response has been timely and thorough. While waiting for a breakthrough, car and home safety is crucial. Residents have been encouraged to take all valuable belongings inside and lock their cars every night.

“I’ve heard if you leave it unlocked they don’t break the glass. If you lock it, they break the glass, and its expensive to get glass replaced. But my neighbor kinda indicated that they’re not breaking into them, it’s only the unlocked cars that they’re going for at this time,” resident Robert Stout said.

Despite the recent issues Bartlett residents still love their home and won’t let a small amount of trouble lose sight of what makes all the positive.

“We’re being very vigilant, looking out for everybody. It’s good to do that because then you know who your neighbors are, you have more trust in your neighborhood and it just helps all the way around,” Wolverton said.

If you know anything about this recent run of crime, you can call Bartlett Crime stoppers at (901)-382-6669.

Reporter: Peter Fleischer 

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