UPDATE: The injured officer has been released from the hospital and is resting at home.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Bartlett Police officer was injured in the line of duty after being hit during a traffic stop on Germantown Parkway.

Bartlett Police said an officer pulled over a suspected stolen vehicle on January 18 near the 1100 block of Germantown Parkway. During the course of the traffic stop, the officer was struck by the suspect with their vehicle, and they attempted to flee the scene.

Bartlett Police said that the suspect crashed the stolen vehicle into another car and ran away.

The car the victim crashed into belonged to a couple that had just sat down to eat at IHOP. “Split second of walking out of our car and being seated, within a minute, minute and a half,” the wife said.

Although their car is totaled, the couple now thinks of the injured officer. “We were just most concerned about the officer because, you know, material things can be replaced, but a life is more important so just praying, hope that the officer will be all right.”

BPD said the officer had sustained some injuries and was being treated at a nearby hospital.

Police were able to capture the suspect on the other side of the shopping center and place him in custody. The investigation is ongoing.