Driver has terrifying encounter with armed man on Bartlett street

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BARTLETT, Tenn. —  Bartlett police are investigating after one driver’s terrifying encounter with a man he was trying to help on a Bartlett street.

On July 2, the victim said he was traveling westbound on Ivanhoe near Bartlett Boulevard when he spotted a man walking down the street. The man waved him over and asked for directions to Kroger.

As the victim was trying to help the suspect pulled out a purple handgun and said “give me everything you’ve got or I will kill you.”

The driver said he hit the gas, but the suspect grabbed a hold of something inside his car and clung to the vehicle as he tried to get away.

Seeing that the suspect still had the gun, the victim said he pushed the man’s hand towards the windshield away from him, at which time a single shot was fired.

The suspect fell from the moving vehicle. The victim then drove to the Bartlett Police station where officers discovered a bullet hole and shell casing.

Lifelong Bartlett resident Hal Ganno says the fact someone was trying to help a stranger had the tables turned on him is disappointing.

“Freeman Park is right across the street, baseball players play over here. Everybody is walking around. It’s a peaceful neighborhood and everything,” Ganno said.

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