Bars, Restaurants Taking A Role In Driving Responsibly During New Year’s Celebrations

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(Memphis) Soon, the revelry will pick up on Beale Street and the spirits will flow as patrons toast in a new year with their drinks of choice.

"OK, you know it's a big party down on Beale Street. It always is," said Scott Lawrence, manager of Alfred's on Beale.

Businesses on Beale are putting the word out to bartenders and waiters.

"If somebody is in need of help, we are more than happy to call a cab, take care of them as best we can, offer food, water, whatever folks need," said Lawrence.

And with good reason. State law requires those serving alcohol to undergo training on how to properly sell and serve.

If you drink too much, choose to get behind the wheel, and end up wrecking, the bars that served you may have a price to pay, as Memphis Attorney Jeff Rosenblum told us a few days ago after a man drinking at a bar got behind the wheel and killed a 13-year-old.

"If a bar owner or bartender serves alcohol to someone they shouldn't serve alcohol to or they keep serving that person to a level where it is obvious they are intoxicated and allows that person to leave their bar, there can be civil liability," said Rosenblum.

Many believe those serving you drinks do have a role to play.

"You are supposed to be able to know and tell  if somebody if they have had too much to drink. They should be told to stop or slow down. Give them some water, keep an eye of them to make sure they don't go to another bartender," said Preston Arnold, a patron at Alfred's on Beale.

"When a guy gets up off the stool stumbling, I said hold it. You can't drive or go anywhere like that. I call them a cab or something," said Alisa Burgess of Wynn, Arkansas.

It's why bars and restaurants are gearing up.

"If it's obvious someone has had too much to drink, offer to get them a cab food, water whatever you can do to make their experience more pleasurable, to make sure they are safe," said Lawrence.

There are also some options for you if you realize you have had too much.

Once again this year, Triple-A is offering free rides so you don't have to drink and drive.

To get a lift, call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246.

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