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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ray Burns is accused of carjacking and kidnapping in Orange Mound and Cordova.

Police caught the man who seemed to enjoy the thrill of leading them on a high speed chase, and now his victims want answers.

“A man walked up behind me and put a gun to my head and that I was going to die today,” carjacking victim Taylor Strickland said.

Strickland is only one of Burns’ latest victims.

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He says last week, Burns took his ride and left him stranded in his own driveway.

“As soon as he started my vehicle and drove off, I walked inside and called police,” said Strickland.

Jason Wentworth is in charge of the Cooper-Young neighborhood surveillance network.

Even though he didn’t catch the actual stick up, one of the cameras grabbed a shot so good that Burns was in custody in no time.

Now, Cooper-Young residents are hoping the picture is clear enough to keep him there.

Prostitution, larceny, driving without a license – Wentworth says the list goes on.

“This guy is a one man crime wave, it appears,” Wentworth said.

It seems Burns has been running the same crime scheme since 2010 – even though he was sentenced to eight years for carjacking in 2011.

Somehow he returned home before finishing his sentence.

Burns is accused of holding guns to victims heads, stealing cars and leading police on a wild chase in May and October.

According to documents, multiple victims wanted to prosecute each time, but somehow Burns managed to get out based on lack of prosecution.

This go around, Cooper-Young residents are hoping they’ve got him good.

But just in case he makes it back on the streets, they want to put the word out not to bring the routine back to their neighborhood.

“Don’t come to Cooper Young to commit crimes, because we will take your picture and we will turn it over to the police,” Wentworth said. “They’ll hunt you down like they did this guy.”