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Just when you think you’ve seen it all—kids eating Tide Pods as part of the Tide Pod Challenge, or driving blindfolded as part of the recent Bird Box Challenge—a new challenge is taking over.

It’s called The 48 Hours Missing Challenge.

“This could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of,” said Officer Simon Drobik, Albuquerque Police Department spokesman.

Teens are now daring each other to go missing for two days so that their name will turn up on social media. The teens are awarded points for every time someone mentions them online while they are missing, WFSB reported.

APD says not only is this challenge dangerous, but it could also tie them up while there are real emergencies.

“Whether it’s a prank or not, we are going to use the same amount of resources,” said Officer Drobik.

Child psychiatrist Dr. Shawn Sidhu says teens are compelled to participate in challenges like these.

“It takes until the mid-twenties for us to really learn how to make good decisions,” said Dr. Sidhu.

He says it’s never a good idea to assume your son or daughter knows better than to involve themselves in these challenges. Instead, he explains it’s best to talk to your kids about the dangers they face.

“You have to think about how to convince kids from their standpoint, like how is this getting in the way of what they want?” said Dr. Sidhu.

APD says if a kid is caught participating in the challenge, they could potentially face charges through juvenile probation.