Authorities investigating reported sighting of Evelyn Boswell at North Carolina KFC


KINGSPORT, Tenn. — Several new details have been released following the disappearance on 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell from East Tennessee.

According to WJHL, state and local authorities are investigating a tip that Evelyn Boswell was spotted at a KFC in Yadkinville, North Carolina several weeks ago.

A woman named Ashely Hutchen spoke to the news outlet on Thursday. She didn’t give an exact date, but said that she was at work when she noticed a man with unique tattoos sitting with a woman and a young girl.

She didn’t think anything of the encounter again until she saw the same man, William McCloud, on her social media page in connection with the Amber Alert case. She claimed that the young girl she saw was Evelyn Boswell.

Authorities confirmed they are investigating the tip and reviewing security video.

Bail bondsman told Megan Boswell knows where little girl is

William McCloud, the boyfriend of Evelyn’s grandmother Angela Boswell, reportedly told his bondsman the child’s mother knows where the little girl is.

Derek Bishop spoke with WJHL on Thursday. He said McCloud claimed he had only seen Evelyn Boswell twice- once when he first began dating her grandmother and again sometime in November.

“I just asked him if he knew where the baby was was,” Bishop reportedly told the news agency. “He made a comment that the baby’s mother knows where the baby is. And it just seems like she’s trying to pawn it off on Angela.”

McCloud also claimed that the relationship between the two women wasn’t the best.

“I guess that Angela and her daughter have tried to make an attempt to reconnect their relationship, [so Angela can] be involved with the child’s life,” Bishop said. “What William said is that the mother would never make the baby available for them to visit to see the baby or anything like that.”

He also claimed that he and Angela Boswell didn’t know the BMW they were in when they were arrested in North Carolina was stolen.

He said he offered to take a polygraph.

Both McCloud and Angela Boswell are expected to bond out of jail on Friday.

Megan Boswell told news outlets that she was set to take a polygraph at the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week, but couldn’t because department policy wouldn’t allow a pregnant woman to be tested.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet that they don’t do polygraphs and the TBI didn’t order one.

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Megan Boswell is not pregnant

Reports from WJHL also indicate that the mother of Evelyn Boswell, Megan Boswell, is not pregnant despite telling several news outlets she was.

They said records from the Sullivan County Jail showed there were only four pregnant women being held on Monday prior to Megan Boswell being booked at 9:19 p.m. Monday.

That number didn’t change when she was booked. It did change later that evening when another woman was booked into the system at 11 p.m.

Reward for information increases

The reward for information leading to the safe return of Evelyn Boswell has been increased to $60,000.

Additions to the fund have been made by private citizens, businesses and even local organizations.

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