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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Officials say two robbers are on the loose, accused of invading an 89-year-old man’s home in broad daylight and getting away with a lot of his personal belongings.

Lee Wren says it all started when someone kicked in his door in the 2800 block of Pleasant Hill Road around 8:30 Tuesday morning.

“Suddenly I heard bang, bang, bang at the door,” he said. “And I run to the door.”

He says a man who appeared to have a gun demanded money.

“I said what do you want? He said give me your money! So, I took my billfold and I gave it to him. He took out $136 I had and threw the billfold on the table.”

Wren says the man ran to the bedroom looking for more money, but ended up taking a pillow case and stuffing it full of Wren’s wife’s jewelry. He says the man tried running out to his vehicle after that.

“I grabbed my shotgun but I couldn’t find the darn shells,” Wren said. “So, he come back. I guess he thought I’d do it. He took the shotgun and threw it on the floor.”

Wren wasn’t hurt but he was checked out by medics at his home, particularly because he had just been in the hospital for internal bleeding.

It’s also fortunate his wife Betty wasn’t home. She says the man took all of her gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry she had too.

“We just thankful we alive,” she said. “I’m not worried about any material stuff. It can be replaced, but my husband can’t be replaced.”

Wren says the man left in what looked to be a white, silver, or grey Jeep.

He’s not sure if someone else was with him in the vehicle, but the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department is looking for two suspects.