Audit: Mississippi students accessing inappropriate materials on school computers

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JACKSON, Miss. — Students in Mississippi may be doing more than just studying on school computers.

A recent audit found students were using school-issued laptops to access porn, search for information about sexually transmitted diseases, even to research ways to commit suicide.

“It’s disappointing. I don`t think it’s surprising. I taught 3rd grade and I found that my 3rd graders even know how to get through loopholes and they can access things,” said parent Malorie Lifforth.

The audit reviewed seven middle schools and found that 86 percent of the schools had computers with inappropriate material on them.

In reviewing 11 high schools, 82 percent of the computers were found to have material on them students shouldn`t be accessing.

“In one or two situations the students learned how to work around the filters.”

The state plans to work with schools to tighten up security.

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