Attorneys make closing arguments in Treveno Campbell murder case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "It`s dark in that room and as that man is sleeping he hears boom! It jars him awake."

On Monday, the defense tried to put the jury in Treveno Campbell`s shoes, saying he wouldn`t have been able to see Lang much less aim and shoot her during that drug raid in December 2012.

The prosecution painted a very different picture.

"He intended to kill her. He intended to kill the other officers in the house and he fired 11 shot in that house," said Prosecutor Alanda Dwyer.

Pictures of Officer Martoiya Lang flashed on the projector sending the message this trial not only determine`s Campbell`s fate, but is also a quest for justice for the fallen Memphis Police Officer.

"Do what truth dictates, and justice demands find Treveno Campbell guilty of first-degree murder."

Defense Attorney William Massey begged jurors not to push Campbell off a ledge.

"You`ve heard why that young man is standing on the edge terrified and the state is telling you to push."

Hoping the last statements will resonate with jurors as they try to determine if Campbell intentionally took Lang`s life.

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