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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police officer accused of shooting Martavious Banks during a traffic stop in September has resigned, and three others involved were disciplined for violating department policy, Memphis Police said Friday.

Jamarcus Jeames resigned from the force Feb. 15, before the conclusion of his administrative hearing.

MPD said a review found Jeames had turned off both his personal and in-car cameras during part of the chase and shooting, used his patrol car to block Banks’ vehicle, drove recklessly and failed to turn on his blue lights pursuing the suspect, and failed to notify dispatch of the pursuit, all in violation of policy.

Jeames was one of three officers who  chased Banks inside a home on Gill in Whitehaven Sept. 17 and fired multiple shots at him while innocent residents ducked for cover and watched in shock. MPD said Jeames fired the shots.

Banks survived, but was hospitalized. Three officers were placed on leave during an investigation. The case is under review by District Attorney Amy Weirich’s office.

Besides Jeames, MPD said three other officers violated policy during the incident.

  • Lt. Charles Mowery, who arrived after the scene had been secured, received a five-day suspension for failing to turn on his body camera.
  • Officer Michael Williams II received a 20-day unpaid suspension and written reprimand for failing to notify dispatch of a pursuit or receive approval for the pursuit, deactivating his body camera and being unable to account for two rounds of ammunition.
  • Officer Christopher Nowell received a 20-day unpaid suspension for failing to notify dispatch of his traffic stop, pursuing without notifying the dispatcher or getting approval for the pursuit and deactivating his body camera.

Violations of policy will not be tolerated, Police Director Michael Rallings said in a statement.

“We have one of the best police departments in the nation because we have dedicated officers, the best training, and departmental policies. As the Director of Police Services, it is unacceptable when an officer does not follow our policies,” Rallings said.

Friday, attorney Arthur Horne released a statement on Jeames’ resignation:

“Martavious Banks, his family and Legal team are saddened by today’s events. Although Officer Jamarcus Jeames has resigned, we are not happy about the punishment given to Officer Christopher Nowell and Officer Michael Williams II.  It was our hope and belief that all of these officers should have been terminated. Anything short of termination for the officers’ conduct is egregious. We remain hopeful that all three officers will be indicted for attempted murder by Amy Weirich and the Shelby County District Attorneys Office. We will continue to wait patiently for the DA’s Office’s review.”