Attempted murder charges filed after father attacked


Tyreace Montgomery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Attempted first-degree murder charges have been filed against a man accused of attacking a father after just having dropped off his kids.

Tyreace Montgomery has a long list of additional charges including aggravated assault and the employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.

Police said on August 22 the victim called 911 to report he’d just been attacked at the Lynnfield Place Apartments on Hickory Way. The man said he had just dropped off his children and was about to drive away when he noticed a gold four-door Honda Accord. It was the same car that he had seen at the Marathon gas station earlier that day.

Suddenly, a man jumped out of the car armed with a gun and made a hand gesture signalling for him to get out of his vehicle. The victim stated he immediately put the car in reverse, at which time the gunman began shooting.

Two other men still inside the Honda also fired shots.

Both vehicles then sped away from the crime scene.

Police said while looking over the security video they were able to identify one of the suspects as Tyreace Montgomery. He was arrested on Tuesday.

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