AT&T Owned U-verse Services Restored

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AT&T says its U-verse internet service has been restored to “the vast majority” of its subscribers.

U-Verse customers in 15 states have been without high-speed Internet, digital TV and digital phone service since Monday.

Customers were obviously upset over the service issue but more so, they were upset by what they called a lack of communication.

On the AT&T forums page, one customer wrote, “Like the rest, I have had no satisfaction from ATT regarding cause or estimated time of resolution.   My daughter’s schooling is 90% internet-based, so it’s a major disruption for us.  I did receive a $20 credit from chat tech support last night.  Problem was compounded when a member of my household decided it would be a good idea to press the reset button on the gateway device.  I had to reconfigure my wireless connection setup.   I am very angry about the length of this outage and the poor communication from ATT.  I have a contract, but I’m considering switching to the OTHER terrible major ISP in town and calling ATT in breach of contract.  I have coworkers in the local area who have not had an outage of the Uverse services in their homes.   Thankfully, I only rely on ATT for internet.”

You can contact U-verse customer service for a credit to your bill.

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