Atomic Rose to open in space previously occupied by Purple Haze

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new night spot is set to open in a couple of weeks in the Beale Street Entertainment District.

Atomic Rose restaurant and bar will open at the corner of Second and Lt. George W. Lee in the location formerly occupied by Purple Haze, which was shut down in 2018 after several shootings, fights and reports of armed parties.

People we talked with Tuesday are hopeful the new place won’t be anything like Purple Haze.

“We went there to have a good time and it was quite the experience, I’d have to say,” said Joshua Culver, a tourist from Michigan who visited Purple Haze in 2018 shortly before law enforcement closed it down for good.

“There was a couple of scuffles in the front of the bar, but I think that’s pretty standard when people have some drinks,” he said. “But, yea, it was just a different experience I would say, for sure”

He’s hopeful Atomic Rose will erase the bad vibes caused by Purple Haze.

“I would hope that they do a better job as far as security and making sure everybody is safe inside there,” he said.

We’re told Atomic Rose will be a restaurant with nightly entertainment focusing on attracting the LGBTQ community.

The business, owned by Mas Properties, LLC, has an approved permit from the health department, as well as a dance permit and a permit to sell beer. A liquor license is pending approval.

We weren’t allowed inside for a look at the business but a full menu is already posted outside by the main entrance.

We’re told there will be both internal and external security provided by “Asset Protection Agency.”

Leo Allred, owner of longtime Beale Street business Tater Red’s Lucky Mojos, said he’s seen a lot of businesses come and was glad to see Purple Haze go.

He says he and other Beale Street merchants want Atomic Rose to succeed, and he hopes the owners will make security and safety a top priority.

“I just hope they’re going to run a clean establishment, like everyone else is supposed to be doing,” he said. “That’s everybody’s goal down here, to make it a safer Beale Street. A safer place for everyone in Memphis to come and have a good time.”

A grand opening date hasn’t been announced. We’re told the business will be open Wednesdays through Sundays.

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