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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been a violent Fourth of July weekend, as within the past 24 hours, there has been at least seven reported shootings in Memphis.

The booming sound of fireworks, for many, is a sign of celebration but for some on Saturday, it was a sign of something far more sinister.

“We were over here,” a witness to one of the shootings said. “We were just fixing up our tables, and next thing we know, we see the ambulances come all around, and then the police came. I said, ‘What’s done happened here?'”

On Rocky Knob Road in Whitehaven, a teen was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being shot.

Neighbors said they heard arguing coming from a home throughout the day.

Unfortunately, what they initially thought were fireworks, turned into gunfire.

“I could just imagine what the other people’s family is doing, what they’re going through,” the witness said.

Only 30 minutes later, police said a woman said a man driving a gold Pontiac Grand Am shot at her vehicle on I-240 near Lamar. Police said she’s OK, but the suspect got away. 

In South Memphis, another shooting unraveled on Alcy Road near Silver Street.

“When I backed into the middle of the street, I kind of paused for a little bit because I heard a lot of fireworks, what I thought were fireworks, but they were gunshots,” the man who was shot at said.

The man said he barely escaped with his life after a silver Saturn Vue with three men inside fired at his truck with a rifle.

Sadly, another man was shot, but police said he’s going to be OK.

The man said the attack seemed random.

“They’re just shooting,” the man who was shot said. “The car was in front of them, and they’re just shooting. They don’t know those people. They’re just shooting at those folks because they were in front of them.”

It’s definitely a sad way to end Fourth of July.

There have been no arrests yet in any of the reported shootings.