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(Hernando, MS) A Desoto County,MS  judge has issued an arrest warrant for Rapper ‘Tim Dog’ who is supposed to be dead.

Tim Dog, or Timothy Blair, was convicted of swindling a Southhaven women in 2011, but it was reported he died in February.

Hernando Prosecutor Steven Jubera says if Tim Dog is alive, he’s pulling of the greatest scam ever in the history of hip hop. And if he’s alive, he’s also going to jail.

“I need proof,” said Jubera.

Proof is not easy to get when it comes to Blair.

“Come to New York and see who gets robbed,” says his lyrics.

Tim was known in the 90s for his song about Compton and more recently for his swindling ways.

“I believe he was so angry that he had to pay me back,” said Victim Esther Pilgrim, who lost money to Blair after meeting him on an online dating site.

Pilgrim, who fought to get Blair convicted, now believes Tim Dog’s pulling off his biggest scam yet.

“This is amusing to him, she said.

Pilgrim believes the rapper, reported dead in February, is really alive.

The prosecutor who convicted him, agrees.

“I need proof,” said Jubera.  “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.”

Jubera, with the Desoto County DA’s Office, filed a petition with a judge Tuesday To have Tim Dog’s probation revoked.

The rapper was supposed to be making monthly payments to the courts after being convicted of grand larceny, but stopped paying when he was reported “dead.”

Information about his death, however, is lacking in Rolling Stone Magazine and other publications that reported it.

“Nobody said where he died, nobody said where he was buried, which is very odd for an obituary,” he said.

In fact, even one of Tim Dog’s closest hip hop colleagues Ced Gee tells News Channel 3 that he refused to speak at Blair’s funeral because Tim Dog’s family could not produce a death certificate.

Ced Gee believes after that, the funeral never happened.

News Channel 3 also used a private investigator, who found no death records anywhere for Timothy Blair.

If he’s alive, investigators say they plan to find him.

“At the bare minimum he would get arrested and sit in jail until his court hearing,” said Jubera.

The rapper owes $19 thousand in restitution to Pilgrim.

Prosecutor Jubera says he will drop the arrest warrant, if Tim Dog’s family members can come forward and show proof of his death.