Armed Frayser Man Orders Part-Goers Out Of His Yard

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(Memphis) A 21-year old man faces reckless endangerment charges... accused of making

a threat that wasn't taken lightly.

People at the heart of the dispute say things could have been handled a lot differently.

It all started in Frayser when parking became an issue at a neighborhood Memorial Day party.

Tuesday it was quiet on Knob Cove in Frayser.

At the home of Vincent and Barbara Duling there were still signs of Monday's Memorial Day party, an event that drew well over a hundred people.

Barbara Duling says everyone was having fun, "Kids on the water slide, on the bouncers, eatin' bbq ribs, chicken, shoulders. You name it

we had it. You should have came and got you a plate. You would have been welcomed."

But Duling, affectionately known as Ms. Bling-Bling, says the neighbors across the cove didn't 'feel the love.'

Norma Fowler told us, "We were held hostage in our cove yesterday. we were actually held hostage in our cove yesterday."

Fowler said the cove was so packed with cars and people she and her family couldn't get in or out of their driveway.

She says she asked people several times to move their vehicles.

Vincent Duling says he also asked party goers to cooperate.

But Fowler insists tension escalated, that party goers came onto her property and were

even throwing beer bottles, "And we were scared half to death. We were trying to defend ourselves in any way possible we could."

That's when 21-year-old Anthony Fowler reportedly came outside with a shotgun.

Cell phone video, taken by one of the party goers, showed a man believed to be Fowler holding a shotgun.

There appears to be a man talking Fowler into giving up the shotgun.

Anthony Fowler admitted to police that he did in fact arm himself and went into his front yard.

He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

Neighbor Brenda Ball was shocked by what she saw, "That young man cocked that gun. and I thought he was gonna shoot."

With ill feelings boiling over in Knob Cove, Barbara Duling says she still can be friends with  the Fowlers, "I can get along with a bear as long as he don't squeeze me too tight."

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