Armed criminals targeting people leaving bars Downtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police said three armed incidents, including two armed robberies and a carjacking, occurred early Sunday morning off South Main Street in Downtown Memphis.

One woman retold her experience of when she was walking with three friends from a bar to a friend's home near the corner of Tennessee Street and Georgia Avenue early Sunday morning.

She said two men jumped out of the bushes at them and started screaming.

"All of a sudden they came up, had guns and they told us all to get down," she said. "You didn’t have time to think about anything. Just be quiet and don't cause any trouble is what I was thinking."

She says they emptied her and her friends’ pockets by grabbing wallets, phones and car keys.

Then, in a matter of seconds, the thieves saw a car coming and took off.

"It was surreal. It just didn’t seem like it was happening," she said. “We’ve walked those streets and rode scooters and bikes through those streets plenty of times. We never expected anything like this to happen."

“I was really surprised to hear that happened right here on this corner, so I guess there’s no guarantees anywhere," said Paul Anderson, who lives feet from the intersection.

About an hour later, around 4 a.m., police said they responded to another armed robbery on Main Street.

They said the victim was sitting on a bench near 303 South Main Street waiting for an Uber, when one suspect with a gun came up to him.

And prior to these two incidents, police said they responded to a carjacking at in the 200 block of Wagner Place.

Police said two women were in their truck just after midnight, when two men with guns demanded their keys and phone.

“If it’s all tied together it would make sense, but if there’s more it’s even scarier," the victim from George Avenue said.

So far, officers said they didn't know if they’re all connected.

But people who live Downtown said it doesn’t matter.

"We definitely need to make sure we have enough security. I don’t know how many patrols go out around here after midnight, but this is a booming area," Anderson said.

As for the victim who didn't want to be idenitifed, she said the criminals took more than her stuff.

She’s lost her sense of trust.

“It makes me sad that I don’t feel safe walking around my own city," she said. “I've always heard this happening to others, but it never happened to me until now. So I just feel like everyone else who’s complained about crime in the city, a little bit bitter."

She said the other three victims in her case were also traumatized, including a single mom who thought she’d never make it home again.

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