Arlington elderly care facility ordered to stop accepting new patients

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ARLINGTON, Tenn. — An elderly care facility in Arlington has been ordered to stop accepting new residents after several safety and health violations.

A Tennessee Department of Health investigation completed Sept. 19-24 has the Caring Estates facility under fire for many disturbing incidents regarding their residents. One of those involved someone found in a closet Sept. 19.

According to the survey results, during the state's investigation an investigator was walking down the hallway of the facility when he noticed a closed door.

When he asked what it was the employee told him it was storage. But the investigator opened it and found an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair.

When he asked the employee what the resident's name was, he gave a different one than the name the woman used.

The woman even stated she has Parkinson's and explained how the facility doesn't give her any food.

We tried calling Caring Estates to get their side.

"If you think you know there is an investigation, you probably think you know the story," said an employee. "You'll have to call the owner. She is not here."

That person said she had no comment, then shut the door.

On Sept. 20, a resident's daughter said her mother was not being changed properly, and she wanted her out of the facility. She also stated that one of the employees took her mother's cell phone and looked through her text messages with personal information.

The document explained how employees were not aware of certain residents' medical records or were familiar with the medicines they were giving them.

Similar incidents happened in 2017. The facility was on probation for safety hazards and major health concerns.

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