Arkansas woman runs over ex-husband; unsuspecting man helps her escape

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TRUMANN, Ark. — A woman is facing serious jail time in Trumann after police said she ran over her ex-husband Friday morning and then fled the scene.

Witnesses say the victim and another man were sitting on a concrete slab in the 100 block of Main Street around 7:30 a.m. That’s when they said Tina Bobbitt jumped a curb and drove her vehicle toward both men.

“She come like crazy around that corner, jumped that curb, and run them over,” witness Angie Curtis said.

Curtis said one of the men was able to get out of the way in time, but Bobbitt succeeded in hitting her ex-husband.

“Wasn’t nothing but meat hanging on his legs to keep his legs together,” Curtis said.

She said the victim was in shock but was able to speak. Police said he identified Bobbitt as the person who had hit him.

After almost hitting another car backing up, witnesses said Bobbitt then abandoned her vehicle around the corner and hitched a ride from an old high school classmate, who said she didn’t tell him she had just run over someone.

“She told me she had hit her boyfriend with something, and I thought she meant with a ball bat or something,” Jason Vickers said.

After dropping Bobbitt off in another part of town, Vickers said he saw the paramedics and medical helicopter on Main Street, and so he called police and asked if they were looking for Bobbitt. When they said they were, he said he told them where to find her.

“I was kind of like, well, I hope I don’t get in trouble for, you know, giving somebody a ride, you know, away from the scene of an accident like that, or, I guess it really wasn’t an accident,” Vickers said.

Police said Bobbitt will likely be charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder when she faces a judge on Monday.

The victim is in critical condition at Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

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