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OSCEOLA, Ark. — Parts of the Mid-South is expected to get slammed with rain, causing problems.

One area bracing for the worst is Northeastern Arkansas.

In Osceola, a number of streets are starting to become rivers and some drainage ditches are filling up.

“It’s getting there,” a resident said. “It’s getting up the road.”

With days of more rain in the forecast, Donnice Haymon isn’t playing around.

“I’m going to try my best to stay in unless I just got to get out. I got a couple of doctor’s appointments tomorrow and that’ll be the only way I’ll get out,” the Osceola resident said. “After that, I’ll be in until the rain lightens up some.”

She says she takes flooding very seriously.

“It’s kind of tough, because you don’t know. I’ve seen where the water just floats those cars, and I don’t want to get in that predicament there,” Haymon said.

She says if she absolutely has to drive “I’ll take my time. I try to get to the high part of the road and try to go through it.”

The sidewalk in front of Bertha Jaunes’ house is already flooded.

With water starting to soak her front yard.

“I do have a lot of water sitting right in here. So, you know, I wonder if it might get high enough to get into the house,” Jaunes said.

The city says crews have been clearing storm drains, and the Mississippi County Office of Emergency Management says the Blytheville rescue squad can go into action if needed.

The unit is equipped to help people who get trapped by high water.

“It can build up quickly,” she said.

Haymon just hopes it doesn’t rain as much as the forecast says. “I’m hoping the good lord will spare us and send some up the other way,” she said.