Arkansas tattoo parlor helps raise funds for pit bull rescue

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — At the Empire of Ink paw prints are the hottest tattoo.

“Anything I can do that would help the pit bulls in the state that need the help, I’m all over it.”

That’s because these $25 tattoos are helping to save pit-bulls from death row in Arkansas. Half of the proceeds go towards the Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue.

“We chose Out of the Ashes because out of all the other organizations, it doesn’t get as much help as it can.”

Tattoo artist Darion Griffith said since the event started Sunday over 40 people have gotten the ink.

“So far everyone is really loving it, we can help and getting a tattoo in the process of making a memory.”

Griffith said the shop’s owner has a few pit bulls himself so the organization is close to his heart.

“I think it’s important to represent pit bulls because they don’t get the rep that they should. A lot of people see them as an angry type breed.”

“This tattoo when I look at it, it’s going to remind me that there’s good enough people out there that put on events like this for the pit bulls that need it.”

Lisa Thrasher said this tattoo means the most to her.

“I love all animals, I got horses, dogs, cats this that, pit bulls…they need help.”

She wants to see other people become more open towards the breed.

“If they’re raised to fight they’re going to fight and it’s how they’re raised. I think that if they were raised gently and raised like my spoiled brats it’d be totally different.”

Griffith said he hopes to see more people help save pit bulls.

“I would say give back in any way that you can. If there’s something to where you can help somebody else or help others then do so, especially if it includes getting a cool tattoo long with it.”


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