Arkansas residents prepare for more possible flooding as rain continues to fall

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TRUMANN, Ark. — The slow and steady rainfall is giving WC Tobar Jr. flashbacks in Trumann, Arkansas.

“Trumann was pretty much flooded out,” he said.

In February 2019, WREG’s Andrew Ellison showed the rising water near Trumann’s elementary school. All signs of flooding have now disappeared. But some fear the constant rainfall could bring back a nightmare that hasn’t quite faded away yet.

“The schools were shut down because a lot of kids could not get out and go to school and stuff. Streets were closed to,” Tobar Jr. said. “A lot of streets were blocked off. My street was blocked off on both ends.”

Trumann, Arkansas isn’t the only place bracing for another wave of constant downpour. People are preparing for the worst all across the Mid-South, including those in Memphis.

Crews are cleaning out gutters and areas that could cause drainage problems.

“We have a list of barriers that tend to flood more frequently just because they are low. Underpasses are the most problematic,”Robert Knecht, the Director of Public Works, said.

He’s making sure to get ahead of possible flooding as the rainfall picks up.

“These low-lying areas can and potentially will flood easily,” Knecht said.

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