Arkansas police department solving crimes faster than ever with new online video system


BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. – – The Police Department in Blytheville, Arkansas is solving crimes faster thanks to an online system that lets residents can get video from their business or home security cameras to police quickly.

Residents can access it from their computers by going onto the city’s website where they can upload footage in a matter of seconds. They can do it all from their phone as well.

“This should really help us get vital evidence in a much more timely manner,” Chief Ross Thompson said.

Investigators have been using this new system for the last few months. It’s a feature offered by the same company the department uses for body cameras.

For example, one homeowner recently submitted video from their doorbell camera after several car break-ins in their neighborhood.

The video shows a man looking into their cars in the driveway. He doesn’t break-in to those cars but now, police have a description of the suspect thanks to a citizen who was able to submit video easily from home.

“It makes it quicker and easier for (residents),” Chief Thompson said, “It keeps an officer in service instead of going to try to pick up a jump drive or using his own jump drive.”

Police say videos have been pouring in but they still want to spread the word so even more residents will use the portal.

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