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ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark.  — This may sound strange, but an Arkansas man actually wants to be in jail.

That’s because being locked up stops him from abusing drugs and alcohol.

For most, jail is a punishment. For Shawn Henderson, it’s a refuge.

The 46-year-old was arrested Wednesday afternoon for throwing rocks through windows at Madison Elementary School.

Henderson reportedly told a deputy he wanted to go to jail, because he’d be safe and not able to abuse drugs and alcohol.

“It’s the first time I recall someone saying I want to be in jail to stay away from drugs and alcohol,” Captain Eddie Adamson said.

After investigating, Captain Adamson found out Henderson has done this before.

“I think it’s a very low point in his life right now,” he said.

Henderson is due back in court Friday, and is expected to be released.

Once he is, the Sheriff’s Department will refer him to Mid-South Health Systems in Forrest City, AR.

The facility will do all it can for him.

“Him being in jail for some time is a band-aid on a bullet wound,” Captain Adamson said. “We’d rather see him in a treatment program.”

He hopes Henderson can kick the addiction, turn his life around and become a positive force for others battling the same problem.

“It’s one more person who can help someone else,” the captain said.

Henderson is charged with criminal mischief.

He’ll likely have to pay fines and repay the school for the broken windows.