Arkansas family claims they’re being terrorized weeks after father shot

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HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. — April Casey’s yard in Helena-West Helena is a playground full of toys, and yet her five children don’t feel safe.

“They don’t want to be here,” Casey said. “They’re scared. They’re scared to go to sleep.”

It was especially scary Wednesday morning, when just minutes after the start of the New Year, police said they were called about one of Casey’s tires being slashed. She said she found a kitchen knife lodged in the tire.

“I just walked outside and I hear, like, a ‘sssss,’” she said.

Less than two hours after that, police said they responded to a call from Casey about gunfire in the area.

“It was like we were in the middle of a war zone,” she said. “There was shooting all around us.”

Casey said the last few weeks have felt a lot like a war zone because of the constant harassment she claims her family has been receiving. She points to one of the same men responsible for shooting her husband, Anthony, in December as he was walking home.

“They was chasing me, I had to run,” Anthony Casey said.

Anthony Casey said he was hit three times and may not walk again for months. But right now, he’s more concerned about what lies ahead for his wife and children.

“It’s been an on-constantly-going thing when I made it out the hospital,” he said. “I’ve been having folks playing around my house, and so I have to let my dog off his chain.”

Tthe Caseys claimed things escalated again Wednesday afternoon when the same man they’ve been having problems with drove by their house. Police couldn’t corroborate this.

“He holds the pistol out the window, waving it at the kids, saying something, they couldn’t understand what he was saying,’ April Casey said.

Because the man hasn’t been charged, WREG isn’t naming him. But police confirm they held and questioned him last week in connection to December’s shooting.

Police claim the Caseys said they couldn’t be sure the man was one of the shooters. The Caseys deny that claim.

“I mean, it’s not over. He’s not gonna stop, and it’s gonna end up where somebody’s gonna end up dead,” April Casey said.

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