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CROSS COUNTY, Ark. — County Road 602, outside of Wynne, Arkansas, is where the Sheriff’s Office says they made the gruesome and awful discovery Friday afternoon.

Since the initial shock, the community now wants answers.

“I mean we have cars that drive through here all time, but I mean it’s a pretty quiet road because we’re outside of town. That’s why we chose to live out here,” said neighbor, Samantha Tyeryar.

The road Tyeryar’s family thought was secluded is now part of an investigation.

Cross County officials made their disturbing case public Friday afternoon.

Three days later, the Sheriff could not tell us the newborns genders but did say his detectives are running down various leads and are hopeful they’ll receive the preliminary autopsy results back this week.

Those results could give more insight into how those newborns died, who they are and how long they had been in the purple suitcase.

Initially, we were told there were persons of interest in the case, but so far we haven’t heard of any formal charges.

While the Sheriff’s Office waits for the results, the public can’t help but wonder.

“No one seems to know anything,” Tyeryar said.

“I went up and down the road three or four times that day and didn’t notice anything any different,” said Jerome Stegall, a longtime resident on the road.

Deputies say it was a passerby who alerted them to the suitcase.

A sign along the road says “No dumping.”

Stegall says dumping has been an issue for years. He says it’s usually worse at certain times of the year.

But in his 30 years on the road, he’s never heard of anything as awful as this.

“It’s disturbing,” Stegall said.

One of the biggest issues now is that it’s unclear where the newborns came from. Investigators aren’t just limiting their search to Cross County, saying they could potentially be from anywhere in the Mid-South.

Neighbors are hopeful law enforcement will get justice for the babies.

If you think you might have information that would help the Cross County Sheriff’s Office you’re asked to call them at  870-238-5700.