Arkansas business was selling more than just crawfish

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POINSETT COUNTY, Ark. -- Something smelt fishy to Deputies in Poinsett County, Arkansas and it wasn't the seafood at a crawfish stand.

They were tipped off on the  illegal drug activity going on at H and T Crawfish North.

At  H and T Crawfish, you could buy crawdads, worms, live bait and more.

But it was the "more" part that had Poinsett County Deputies concerned.

Acting on information illegal drugs were being used and sold at the business on Highway 1 just north of Harrisburg,  they conducted a raid on the business.

Lawmen were also looking into a report that juveniles were obtaining and using drugs on the property.

Deputies and State agents found bags of what appeared to be meth, as well as marijuana, drug paraphernalia and some stolen property.

Gregory Bornhoft,  Michael Harris and Mila Muse are now facing a variety of drug charges.

According to the Poinsett County Sheriff's Department, Muse had a glass meth pipe and burned meth inside her bra when she was booked into jail.

Harris, who lived inside the Harrisburg City limits, was no stranger to police.

"He's been the object of several investigations, like thefts that have occurred in the city. Also some drug activity that we're aware of, but just haven't made an arrest on it," said Chief Gary Hefner with the Arkansas Police.

Chief Hefner said his small department has seen an increase in drug related arrests lately.

"Meth, ice, you know. And we're beginning to see a slow increase in heroin use," he said.

News of the raid and arrests was encouraging to Alice Koller, who said the action should be a wake up call for drug users and dealers.

"I think they need to be having more of them. There's a lot of them here in Harrisburg," said Koller.

One man who didn't want his face shown but told us name, said drugs seemed to be overtaking our society.

Larry Carroll believed people needed to get back to God.

"And it's nothing but the devil.  And if we don't turn from those things, then we're all going to have a destructive life," he said.

We were told the owner of H and T Crawfish would contact us with  a response to the controversy swirling around his business, but that hasn't happened.

The business was closed.

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