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PHOENIX — Starting this summer, all businesses in the state of Arizona must provide paid time-off for their employees.

According to ABC 15, voters passed Prop 206 last November making it mandatory for employers to offer the benefit to all employees including those who are part-time, temporary or seasonal.

For every 30 hours worked, an employee gets one hour of PTO.

The more employees a company has also increases the amount of time they get.

For example, a company with more than 15 employees, must allow them to accrue up to 40 hours of paid time off.

For those companies that don’t have that many employees, it’s up to 24 hours.

If an employee doesn’t use the paid time-off they can roll it over to the next year or opt to get a check from their employer.

A legal expert told the news station that the companies have the option to put new employees on a 90-day probationary period instead of allowing them to start accruing PTO immediately.

The changes will be implemented starting July 1.