Argument ends with a car crashing into side of Memphis church


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An argument between a man and woman ends with a car crashing into a Memphis church.

It happened at New Hope in Christ Ministries along Vera Cruz Street in East Memphis overnight.

The pastor told WREG a man and woman were arguing in the parking lot when the woman hit the gas, sending the car into the side of the church. The security alarm went off and police were called to the scene.

A neighbor told WREG she watched it happen.

“I just saw her drive through the church.”

She said she first heard a commotion and then a car hit the curb. When she looked out her window she sawys she saw a woman circle the lot and gun it toward the church.

“I called the police when I saw it happen because I was scared she was coming our way. She reversed back and went straight through the church.”

Investigators have not said if it was an accident or intentional. No one was hurt.

The church, which has resumed Sunday services, will be open on this weekend, the pastor said.

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