MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People living at a Memphis apartment complex say they need help after multiple units were badly damaged by pipes bursting following the arctic blast that hit the Mid-South. 

Residents at the Lakeville Townhome Community near Raines and Airways say they’re without water, and some people also claim they’ve been without heat, since Christmas.

Jasmine Franklin said her pipes burst on Christmas morning. The ceiling of her downstairs unit is almost completely gone, but she says she and her two children still have to live there.

“I’ve been calling maintenance, emergency maintenance, since Christmas morning. Back to back to back, no response,” Franklin said. “We have to start all the way over. Christmas toys destroyed. My daughter’s birthday was December 15th. Everything, we have to start all the way over.”

Franklin said it seems like mangement doesn’t care. She’s not the only one who wanted to share her story with WREG.

Several people stopped to tell us about the issues they’re dealing with at the complex. Lasondra Knowlton showed us a picture of damage to her unit.

“Everything that was under my tree is soaked, gone. My furniture is destroyed, water damage,” Knowlton said.

She has renters insurance but is dealing with a list of problems she says no one at the complex’s management office will help with. Right now, she says she’s without heat water, with a burst pipe.

Both women said code enforcement came by their units Wednesday, but they’ve been met with silence from the property manager about next steps.

We stopped by the leasing office to try and get answers. The door was locked but a woman inside asked who was at the door.

A WREG reporter said she was asking for answers for residents who had complaints, but the woman never came to the door.

Franklin says she’s going to keep pushing for answers not only for herself, but her neighbors, too.

“We don’t have anywhere to go. We don’t have money for rooms, Christmas. And I haven’t been going to work because of this. I have to be home with my kids,” she said. Something gotta be done. Like, we don’t have anywhere to go.”

The City of Memphis responded to WREG and told us that they have recently received a 311 code enforcement complaint about the apartment. Code Enforcement responded on Wednesday and found the management company not to be in compliance. 

Since we last spoke to Franklin Wednesday afternoon, she showed us a letter she said she received from the complex that cited the severe water damage to her unit and called it “untenable” and that she must vacate the premises immediately. 

The complex said the amount she currently owes on the unit will be written off and no eviction will be taken. She has been asked to vacate the property and return her keys no later than Friday, December 30. 

A Gofundme account has been set up to help the family.