Apartment complexes around Memphis feeling water woes


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Lakeville Town Homes are quiet on the outside, but inside residents say there is no “home sweet home” here.  

They have been without running water for days.

“There is no water. Got down to no water. I didn’t have no  water for a couple of days. They just now turned it back on, but you can’t do nothing. The might as well left it off,” one frustrated resident said.

 The water is now at a trickle after first being off all together.

“You got to use the bathroom is the most important thing. What you gonna do? There is no water.  Got to go to the bowl. Can’t get to the bowl you can’t flush it. No water,” the resident said.

Callers say they have no idea when they will get water back, with management telling them it’s MLGW and MLGW saying the water mains are the apartment’s responsibility because of a leak in the line.  

We even saw the plumbing company making the rounds. He told us he searched for hours and found no leaks at Lakeville and MLGW may have cut off the water prematurely over the weekend.

We left messages for managers at Lakeville and are waiting for a call back. But there has been similar distress stories at other apartments across the city.

At The Bristol on Union and The Citizen Apartments people say they too are without water, some telling us they were using snow water to help flush their toilets.

At St. Peter Manor, which houses seniors and families, callers say the water is off and no bottled water has been delivered.

We contacted those apartments too and are awaiting a response. MLGW says it is looking into the conditions.

Weary residents just want relief.

“It’s been kind of hectic. Everybody trying to do what they can with this water pressure,” a Lakeville resident said.


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